Attachment Stories: Connection, Disconnection, and Repair in Every Day Life

What Every Parent Needs to Know

Course Summary

What's your attachment story? What's your child's attachment story?
What are the elements of attachment?
How do you know if your child (no matter how old they are) is securely attached?
If not, what can you do?

Attachment research has found that a secure attachment style is predictive of low social anxiety and low social submissiveness (they have less anxiety and don't just go along with the crowd). Secure attachment is a predictor of emotional intelligence and the quality of life for the individual and the whole family.

Signs of a secure attachment style include:

Ability to regulate your emotions.    
Easily trusting others.    
Effective communication skills.    
Ability to seek emotional support.    
Comfortable being alone.    
Comfortable in close relationships.    
Ability to self-reflect in partnerships.    
Being easy to connect with.

How can understanding attachment help me to help my child and family?

As parents, no matter how much experience we have, no matter how many books we’ve read, we all find ourselves in situations where we don’t know what do to, we don’t know why we did what we did, or don’t know why our children are acting they way they are acting.

We try to act in the best interests of our families, or sometimes just to the best of our abilities at a present moment. But without understanding the needs behind our behaviors and those of our children, we may not know how to meet those needs and find ourselves in the same situations over and over again.

In this enlightening course on attachment, you'll learn:

- What attachment is (including clarification of some of the misunderstandings around attachment);

- To understand attachment in children and how it manifests in their behavior;

- Guidance to explore your own attachment story and see how your own patterns of attachment surface in interactions with your child; and

- Some simple, practical ways you can strengthen your attachment relationship with your child today.

So if you have ever wondered about attachment, or whether your child is “securely” attached and what to do to maintain or repair this connection, please join us for this informative course!

The information is presented in bite-sized videos with transcripts. The eight included videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long (total of 1 hour 10 mins of content in short segments).

You can watch, listen, or read from your phone, if you'd like.

The videos invite you to explore your story and your child’s story, to find information and insights from your own lives to help you see your personal situation more clearly.  

And finally, as part of the course, you will have the support and motivation of Rebecca and Jen along with  other parents in the course if you get stuck with the included Ask Us Anything Call.

And attachment isn't just for babies! Whether your child is a babe in arms or a teen, this information will support you and your family.

Course Curriculum

Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT, PPNE, Founder and Executive Director, The Consciously Parenting Project, LLC and Relationships-S.O.A.R

Offering 1:1 couples, parenting and family support and on-demand and live courses to support families to create more connection, nurture and heal their relationships. Rebecca also offers professional training for parents and professionals who would like to support others with a holistic family consulting model steeped in the Prenatal and Perinatal Somatic Psychology perspective.


Mom of 2, CA, USA

"Rebecca’s approach has never been to simply fix the problem but for me to learn my own tools for creating a better relationship with myself and my children. There is no punishment or blame anywhere. It is whole and encompasses the whole of reality."

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