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Attachment (Not Parenting) for Healthy Development

Consciously Parenting Principle # 3: Children unfold neurosequentially, and quality, connected relationships allow for the unfolding.

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This month we begin exploring our 3rd guiding principle of Consciously Parenting!

Principle #3- Children unfold neurosequentially, and quality, connected relationships allow for the unfolding. A need met will go away; a need unmet is here to stay.

It sounds a little… dry at first glance. But this month, we’re going to explore what attachment really means for YOU, for your partner and for your kiddos. It’s actually a living, dynamic breathing system of relationship and it is constantly changing. I guess that’s one of the beautiful things AND one of the maddening things about parenting, isn’t it? Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes!

But attachment is more enduring. It’s more about how the relationship changes and grows with the patterns within each person remaining relatively stable. We repeat the same dances, for better or worse, until we need to make a change. When a change is needed because it doesn’t feel good or it isn’t working, then we can become curious about our own early patterns and our child’s early patterns and how those meet up. This is where change can happen for us and for our kids. My Healing Stories is all about making those shifts in relationship and understanding, connecting in the emotional space between us.

In our parenting relationships, sometimes we start out beautifully and it feels good. Then we hit a particular developmental stage and the wheels fall off.

Or we have a particular child who is a challenge to us from day 1.

And sometimes it is fairly smooth sailing with one child, but not another.

We’ll be looking at the idea of survival and how that influences our relationship on both sides.

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Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT, PPNE, Founder and Executive Director, The Consciously Parenting Project, LLC and Relationships-S.O.A.R

Offering 1:1 couples, parenting and family support and on-demand and live courses to support families to create more connection, nurture and heal their relationships. Rebecca also offers professional training for parents and professionals who would like to support others with a holistic family consulting model steeped in the Prenatal and Perinatal Somatic Psychology perspective.

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