It's Never Too Late to Heal

Transforming the Stories of Our Lives Course

Course Summary

We’re offering a virtual support class for moms* (and partners) to empower you with tools and relationship skills to become confident, competent, connected, and calm, and to learn how to heal your relationships with all the people in your life.

This course is made for you! You get:

    • Parent-sized content (audio, video and text… choose what works best for you) 
    • 6 months of access to ALL Learning Center content     
    • Community of parents with kids of all ages from around the world     
    • Real parenting tools that work     
    • Three times a month "Healing Story Circle" Support Calls and one "Ask-Rebecca-Anything" Q&A Call per month   
    • Direct help applying the ideas from Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT and Jen Kobrick, HFC and graduate of Rebecca's 2 year training program

* We say moms for simplicity, but we mean any primary caregiver. It could be dad, grandma or grandpa, foster parents, future adoptive parents. Anyone who is primarily caring for a child.

From Rebecca:

"When a relationship in your life isn't working, nothing feels right. I personally feel this niggling feeling, a mix of anxiety and sadness, and a strong desire to somehow make it right. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I ruminate about it all day, week, month, or year, not knowing what to do. Maybe you do, too?  

I woke up this morning thinking about my relationship with my oldest son and how it used to feel so bad. We've worked really hard to heal our relationship and now we can handle the bumps that inevitably happen in our relationship. We can manage the ups and downs, the miscommunications, the times when I'm trying to fix it instead of listening. We stay connected. We reconnect when we need to. It wasn't like that when he was younger and what I was doing wasn't helping. So I had to learn new ways to connect, new ways to understand his behavior, new ways of healing my own wounding in those tender spaces where he was pushing my buttons. It wasn't easy, but it was so worth it.  

Since that time, I've been supporting families to heal their relationships. Mothers who need to heal their relationship with their own mother. Couples who need help learning to communicate. Parents who have children with difficult behaviors. Disconnections with friends. Healing that needs to happen with extended family. Healing after something really difficult or traumatic has happened.  

Healing relationships is tender work. It requires us to do our own healing work and to create the space for that to happen. It requires us to have experiences of really being seen, heard, and felt with our own experience of what's happening so that we can really see, hear, and feel what's happening for the other person in a new way that can shift the perception of what's happening. Sometimes healing means more boundaries. Sometimes healing means a reconnection and re-establishment of a relationship. When it is a parent-child relationship, it can be about teaching skills, understanding the story in the body that is showing up, and seeing the relationship with new eyes. With couples, it is about establishing a safe space in the relationship for healing to happen.  

We're going to spend 6 months together, learning how to heal relationships with all the people in your life. And the best part is that you'll be part of a community of others committed to the same kind of healing. We're going to be healing together. "

    This course is for you if:

    • You have a relationship in your life that isn't working.     
    • You want tools that actually work to make your life easier.     
    • You have a relationship with someone who is intense or high-need, easily frustrated or angered (regardless of their age).     
    • You have experienced an overwhelming life event: difficult pregnancy, difficult birth, NICU or Special Care Nursery stay, separation from parent, death, parental separation, divorce, abuse, or accidents.     
    • If you have a child at home, you have a child who is intense and what you're doing isn't working. Perhaps you have a child who exhibits behaviors that don’t respond well to time-outs, punishments, or threats. In fact, it makes them worse. Either way, the relationship doesn't feel good and you're not sure how to change it. 

    • This course is not for you if: 
    • You are currently in an abusive situation where there is violence, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, or financial abuse. Please focus on getting yourself out of the abusive situation. After that happens, this course will be helpful to support your own healing process.    
    • You aren't willing to do the work to learn and apply the ideas to your family.    
    • You are trying to fix someone else by taking this course. We can only do our own healing work and take responsibility for our own healing.    

The Process:

There are few things that are more stressful than a relationship that isn't working or doesn't feel good. We create stories about what's happening to make sense of what we're seeing and experiencing, but often those stories don't help us to reconnect or to heal.

What's fascinating is that healing relationships might look different with different people in your life and with different kinds of relationships (parent- young child, adult child and parent, couples, or with your mother-in-law), but the concepts of healing are the same. We're going to spend the next 6 months looking at these ideas to guide you through the process of healing and what it really looks like in your family and in your life.

We provide short weekly content (usually 10 minutes or less) as audio, video and transcript that will guide you on your journey, first through an overview of the most important concepts, then supporting you to connect to yourself and create the space for healing to happen. After space is created in your life, we'll explore what healing looks like in different situations, focusing in on the most important concepts of healing.

We have three monthly Healing Story Circles, which is a process unique to our courses. We follow a very specific process for creating the space, slowing down, and reflecting what we're hearing rather than trying to fix or solve someone else's problems for them. It creates the space for YOU to discover what your truth really is. And the skills you'll learn in this process itself will help you to heal relationships in your own life. Those who attend the Healing Story Circles consistently say that it is one of the most important things in their month and they anticipate the next one so they can share and heal. When we have the space to really be seen, heard, and felt, we have more space to see, hear, and feel the story of someone else. We acknowledge what's really happening and we also help each other to find our strengths and our resilience. Participants leave feeling empowered to go back into their own lives with new eyes about what's happening. We currently offer three times each month, one morning eastern and one evening eastern, and one morning South Africa/Europe on Saturdays. We have participants attend the calls from Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America, and across the US, Mexico, and Canada. 

It's amazing how much we all have in common when we create a safe space to slow down and truly listen to one another.  

We all have disconnections in our lives. Everyone does at one time or another. When we learn how to heal those relationships, put boundaries in where they need to go, and create safety for everyone, we can teach our kids how to heal, too. Because disconnections happen. It's inevitable in life. This course is designed to empower you to heal your relationships with all the people in your life, whether the healing needs to happen right now or in the future.

What Parents Are Saying About Rebecca's Courses...

"I originally joined the course because of the healing circles, it was just what I was looking for, a place to be seen and heard and it did that and so much more! Through telling my stories I was able to get a better understanding of what was really going on for me and the reflecting back helped me to move forward through my problem. Through listening and reflecting back to others I've realized I'm not alone and there is a community out there going through the same struggles and wanting to make the same changes, through a conscious parenting lens. As much as the healing circles have changed how I relate to myself and my sons the course work has taken it to another level of understanding and practical tools to use when confronted with emotionally challenging situations. Thank you Rebecca for all of the amazing work you are doing, I am so much further along in my conscious parenting journey because of you ❤️" -Natalie, Mom to 2 boys, Melbourne, AU

"I have really struggled with boundaries and being able to ask questions here has been so helpful as I navigate setting or changing boundaries. As far as the healing Story circles I feel they are invaluable. They have helped me further break out of my stuffed down emotional state so I can finally feel my feelings and communicate them. It has been life changing for me and had a positive impact on my family. I still have a lot of work to do on my own emotions, but having a safe and supportive environment in order to do so makes a world of difference. Now my husband is really embracing all of it too which is so great for the whole family. I am so thankful for these courses and the work you, Rebecca, do/share with us. <3" -Christine, Mom to 3 girls, North Carolina, USA 

"Working with Rebecca in the Consciously Parenting Project Community has had an incredible impact on my relationship with myself and my family. I can pause, see the feelings beneath the behavior, and respond instead of react. I have learned to use connection to make my children feel seen and heard. Understanding our own inner landscape and our triggers has given me the space to consider why I am feeling the way I do, and to take ownership for that. This is a constant work in progress, and in no way am I implying that I have mastered any of these practices! With support from the community and Rebecca through the Healing Stories and Ask Rebecca calls, I have felt that I am not alone in my struggles as a parent. Rebecca's kind and understanding manner is so comforting, as she continues to remind us that this journey of parenting is both so hard and rewarding. I highly recommend reading her books and/or joining her classes." -Denise, Mom to 2 kids, NJ, USA

"A big moment for me came during a q & a: just realizing that it's okay if my kid is having a hard time with something, that I can let go of trying to lessen her upset. (This was about how she would get really upset when I left, or when my husband took her to bed instead of me.) I've gotten a lot from the video calls and I so appreciate Rebecca's empathy, her presence, and her wisdom. I feel well cared for whenever I am participating! And it's been nurturing to be in the circle with everyone and sharing emotions."
-Alison, Mom to 2.5 year old, Toronto, Canada

Outline for this 6-month course:

    January 2022

    Foundational Ideas and Establishing Practices that Support You to Prepare for Healing

    • 8 Guiding Principles overview
    • What is a healthy relationship?     
    • The Healing Story Circle     
    • What is healing anyway?     
    • Safety and boundaries
    • Self-care practices for Healing Relationships 
    • The Social Nervous System and your feelings      
    • Regular movement, sleep, and good nutrition      
    • Handling Stress- Understanding how you cope with stress and practical ways to support yourself more  

    February 2022

    Healing Tools to Support the Journey

    • 8 Guiding Principles overview
    • What is a healthy relationship?     
    • The Healing Story Circle     
    • What is healing anyway?     
    • Safety and boundaries
    • Self-care practices for Healing Relationships 
    •  Brain Stoplight
    • Transgenerational Patterns
    • ARCH of Healing

    March 2022

    Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

    • Start with you! 
    • Practicing self-care and making time for yourself 
    • Healing Shame 
    • Understanding and healing your own life’s story- understanding your nervous system, functional range, and your resilience 
    • Finding your Yes and No
    • Tools for Healing on your own and with others
    • Treating yourself with compassion as you would a friend 

    April 2022

    Healing Your Relationship with Your Child (What you need to know about early stories to heal)

    •  Early Life Healing- Pregnancy, birth, and the first year 
    • Healing with Little Ones- Toddlers and preschoolers     
    • Healing with Bigger Kids- School-aged children     
    • Healing with Teens and Young Adults
    • Healing Your Relationship with Challenging Children
    • Trauma   
    • High need kids      
    • Special needs children      
    • Adoption      
    • When they just push your buttons 

    May 2022

    Healing Your Relationship with Your Partner/Co-Parent

    • Partner relationships when you're together and want to heal together
    • Partner relationships that are ending (consciously uncoupling)
    • Partner relationships that have ended and are amicable
    • Partner relationships where there's little or no contact
    • Partner relationships where a partner has died

    June 2022

    Healing Your Relationship with Extended Family, Friends

    • The Choice- healing together or on your own?
    • Blood Family vs Chosen family 
    • When you don’t have contact 
    • Boundaries 
    • Questions and wrapping things up

    Course Content:

    • Real parenting tools that work
    • Parent-sized content (audio, video & text)
    • Community of parents with kids of all ages from around the world
    • Book 3 e-book PDF and audiobook MP3s ($30 value)
    • Direct help applying the information from Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

    Pay what you can…

    Please pay as much as you can afford to support the work we’re doing here at The Consciously Parenting Project. We strive to make our information affordable for all families. If you can afford more, you’re helping to support a family who might not otherwise be able to have the support, so thank you for paying more when you can.

    Together we are stronger.

    Together we make a difference.

    Together we make the world a better place.

    Rebecca Thompson Hitt

    Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT, PPNE, Founder and Executive Director, The Consciously Parenting Project, LLC and Relationships-S.O.A.R

    Offering 1:1 couples, parenting and family support and on-demand and live courses to support families to create more connection, nurture and heal their relationships. Rebecca also offers professional training for parents and professionals who would like to support others with a holistic family consulting model steeped in the Prenatal and Perinatal Somatic Psychology perspective.

    Jen Kobrick

    Jen is the wife of a space geek and homeschooling mom to two little ones. She knew when she became a mom that she wanted to parent differently than she experienced growing up. She read the usual books, took classes on birth and breastfeeding, and set out to Do Parenting Right. Then she was blessed with an intense, challenging, incredible little person who didn’t do anything the way the books said he would! Jen’s early parenting journey was difficult and emotional. She was fortunate to find supportive community that helped her adapt to her son’s needs, and when she found Consciously Parenting things really began to shift in her family and in her relationships with her children and her partner. Consciously Parenting gave her the tools and framework to grow, heal, and connect with herself and her son, and to respond instead of react in intense, emotionally heated moments. As Jen has found more joy and connection in parenting, she has felt called to support other families doing this work to heal and grow, especially families of young children. When she’s not building with Lego or making another batch of dino nuggets, Jen enjoys travel, scuba diving, knitting, and ballet. Jen is a certified Holistic Family Consultant through the Consciously Parenting Project’s 2 year training program.

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